Allyship Training

ALLY LAB offers allyship training that combines DEIB with Design Thinking. Our allyship training focuses on practical skills and behaviors to create more inclusive workplaces. Through in-person workshops and online courses, we create allyship training experiences that are practical, impactful, and fun.

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Our Instructors

Ghadeer Garcia

Ghadeer M. Garcia is a longtime advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. The former Executive Director of The BrandLab in Kansas City, she worked to change the face and voice of the marketing and advertising industry. Ghadeer, or Gigi as she’s affectionately referred to by her loved ones, believes in deliberate and purposeful action to create necessary change which is why she is so passionate about her work. Ghadeer’s strengths lie in making connections across communities and networks to create solutions. Not only is she a serious networker, she’s also a fun-loving theme party thrower and mom to 16 year old Joshua and 14 year old Gabriella.

Mark Logan

Mark Logan is the founder of idealect, a social innovation consultancy. Idealect uses Equity-Centered Design to help organizations tackle systemic challenges and inequities. A seasoned entrepreneur, Mark has enjoyed a 30-year career in technology, communications, and innovation. He is active in several community organizations. He graduated from Duke University and has earned certifications in data science from UC Berkeley and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from the University of Wisconsin. His kids are grown and mostly self-reliant, so he now spoils his two rescue dogs with treats and affection instead, affection they return with abundance and slobber.

“The Ally Action Plan workshop helped me build a personal plan and motivated me to actually take action to improve my understanding of people in my community. Ghadeer and Mark are seasoned diversity leaders and it shows in their abilities to lead sensitive conversation and lead participants through personalized action plans. ”

Jacquie L.

“This workshop was a great way to start thinking more deeply about what allyship means and what it looks like in action. Mark and Ghadeer did a great job of creating a safe space for discussion while holding participants accountable for their actions and role in creating change for BIPOC and other marginalized groups. As a creative, I'm used to brainstorming ideas in a collaborative environment and this workshop was perfect for that. I was able to lean into a method of problem solving I was comfortable with which made room for me to engage in more uncomfortable ideas and discussions.”

Abby K.

“The Ally Action Plan workshop gave me a plan for specific actions I can take to be effective. It gave me perspective from others with different experiences and situations from my own, and showed that it is not about what I can do, but what we can do. And it gave me some hope.”

William R.

“Wanting to be an ally is usually an easy choice. Knowing what action to take is much harder. This workshop really helped me put together a plan with how to best move forward. Mark and Ghadeer created an engaging and interactive workshop that encouraged great discussion and collaboration. Turning allyship into action is a huge step, this workshop can help give you that push you need.”

Edwing M.

“I was fortunate to attend an Ally Action Planning Workshop led by Mark Logan and Ghadeer Garcia. The tools I gained, the stimulating interaction I experienced with other participants, and the wisdom imparted by Mark and Ghadeer have been invaluable for my work as a consultant in the non-profit sector, primarily in community engagement with public education. Like few other workshops I have attended before, this one gave me usable strategies and workable goals for my overall development. And the proof of the effectiveness of the workshop is in how I've carried out the goals I set for myself on that one Saturday morning under the creative and powerful guidance from Mark and Ghadeer. While I am a “veteran” on the scene in greater Kansas City, and thus could possibly fall into cynical, unproductive patterns, the Ally Action Planning Workshop infused new energy and greater creativity into my overall work. For that I’m deeply grateful!”

Bob H.

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